Decision support and information management

It is obvious that a good functions to analyze and optimize the camp as a system of systems must exist. Given that a camp can be seen as a society in miniature and require many of a society’s functions, albeit on a small scale, it is important to assess what kind of information management is needed to plan, operate and monitor the camp, and how such a system is best supplied with information. This applies to daily function, safety and security, as well as the ability to make future projections. Often information systems on a camp are put together in an ad hoc manner under hard time constraints for the construction of the camp, which leads to different information needs not being reconciled. It leads more often to "stovepiped” information systems that have a difficulty in communicating with each other (if allowed to do so at all). A component in a camp design tool which helps to develop an appropriate information system architecture and suggestions for component functions can then be requested.