Life Science Expert Partner

FOI are specialized in solving complex research questions using interdiciplinary cutting-edge techniques. With a renowned expertise in biotechnology and life science, we can support and enhance your research. FOI have QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control) programs in place.


Our partners include international companies as well as enterprises in an early stage, e.g. pharmaceutical companies. FOI is your advanced research partner with a unique profile of research groups covering a large life science area including all needs in early stage drug development.


Areas of in-house research capabilities:


  • Synthesis of bioactive compounds
  • Chemometrics and computational chemistry
  • Protein characterization and assay development
  • Macromolecular structure determination and modelling
  • Analytical capabilities
  • In vivo infection models for preclinical evalua­tion of antimicrobial compounds and vaccines
  • Models for lung effects
  • Ex vivo model for airway contraction
  • In vitro lung cell model
  • Model for skin penetration