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Våra vetenskapliga publikationer

Här samlar vi vetenskapliga publikationer kopplade till den forskning som bedrivs i Data science-gruppen


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  • Fernquist, J. (2019). A Four Feature Types Approach for Detecting Bot and Gender of Twitter Users. CLEF (Working Notes) 2019
  • Isbister, T. & Johansson, F. (2019). Dick-Preston and Morbo at SemEval-2019 Task 4: Transfer Learning for Hyperpartisan News Detection. SemEval@NAACL-HLT 2019, 939-943
  • Johansson, F. & Isbister, T. (2019). FOI Cross-Domain Authorship Attribution for Criminal Investigations. CLEF (Working Notes) 2019
  • Pelzer, B. (2019). Celebrity Profiling with Transfer Learning. CLEF (Working Notes) 2019


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  • Kaati, L., Lundeqvist, E., Shrestha, A., Svensson, M. (2017) Author Profiling in the Wild. European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC), 155-158.
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