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Decision support systems and information fusion

Electronic Warfare research covers evaluation and simulation, optronic systems and radio and microwave systems. In the field of electronic warfare FOI is engaged in method and technology development, studies, education and training as well as theoretical and experimental research relating to electromagnetic interference and methods of protection. These activities are in support of our two principal customers, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Defence Materiel Administration, in seeking to achieve an electronic warfare capability that meets the needs of our military response units. A large part of the value of electronic warfare systems lies in the knowledge of how the systems are used operationally.

The research work covers both technology and methods and bridges the divide between purely technical research and, for example, sensor and communications systems and human decision-making. The ultimate aim is to develop improved command and control capabilities, primarily in the defence environment but not only here. Our particular strength lies in our ability, in concert with others, to take an overall perspective in the development of support tools for command and control and for decision-making processes in complex environments. Our customers include the Swedish Armed Forces and the EU but also Vinnova and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


The research is conducted mainly in two main areas:

  • Decision support, knowledge management and information fusion, and
  • Simulation and Distributed Systems


Lars Lindberg