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About FOI

FOI shall be in demand as a world leader in defence and security issues, thereby contributing to a safer and more secure world. This is our vision that we try to achieve in everything that we do.

FOI’s core activities are research, methodology/technology development, analyses and studies. FOI is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence. Because FOI is assignment-based, we price and sell our services at competitive rates. 19 percent of our income come from government grants (2014).  

Some examples of what we do

The Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Material Administration are our main customers. However, we also accept assignments from civil authorities and industry. Our clients from the defence sector place very high demands on advanced research, which also benefits other customers.

FOI has experts in many fields of application, such as security policy studies and analyses of defence and security, assessments of various types of threats, systems for crisis leadership and management, protection against and management of hazardous substances, IT security and the opportunities provided by new sensors.

Here are some more specific examples of what we do:
• Protection and detection of explosive substances
• Reading underwater signatures on ships in brackish and coastal waters.
• Measurement of and protection against the emission of CBRN substances*. We also have one of the few security classified CBRN laboratories in Europe that is licensed to receive and examine all types of hazardous substances.
• Constructing models of turbulent flows, such as air currents around aircraft or underwater currents.
• Designing models and tools to adapt society to the consequences of climate change.
• Strategic and security policy analyses within a large number of geographic areas, such as Asia and Africa, as well as thematic analyses, such as emergency preparedness, the economy and the climate.
• Long-term research on IT security and human system interaction.

International cooperation

FOI has many international contacts, customers and cooperation partners amongst foreign authorities, research institutes and companies. FOI is particularly successful when it comes to EU-financed research. We cooperate with many foreign partners, through bilateral as well as multilateral agreements. Some of the most important are the European Defence Agency, EDA and NATO/PFP, as well as bilateral cooperation with the Nordic countries, USA, Canada and the Netherlands.

News and Press

We explain quite a lot about what is going on at FOI through the news posted on our website. For press matters, please contact FOI's Press Officer Maria Hugosson Bygge.

Contact FOI

All of FOI’s contact information has been collected here. We look forward to hearing from you.

*CBRN stands for chemical (c), biological (b), radiological (r) and nuclear (n) substances.

FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency

Swedish Defence Research Agency
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