From April 1, 2019, it is statutory that all purchases, regardless of value, made as a result of the procurement laws LOU (the Public Procurement Act), LUF (the Act on Procurement of the Utilities Sector), LUFS (the Defence and Security Procurement Act), or LUK (the Act on Procurement of Concessions), must be invoiced by e-invoice.

Invoices to FOI

FOI is a government agency and handles its invoices electronically (e-invoices) according to the Act on Electronic Invoicing as a Result of Public Procurement (SFS 2018:1277). The law means that all purchases that are not exempt from the procurement laws must be invoiced with an e-invoice. An electronic invoice is an invoice that is issued, transmitted and received in electronic format that allows it to be processed automatically and electronically. Please note that a PDF file is not an electronic invoice.


First and foremost, FOI prefers electronic invoices to be sent via the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-line) network. FOI’s electronic address in PEPPOL (PEPPOL ID) is 0007:2021005182. The format that FOI can receive is PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.

If you, as a supplier, cannot invoice via PEPPOL, you can instead connect via a company that supports e-invoicing via PEPPOL. Check with your supplier of financial or invoicing systems to learn whether it is possible to send invoices via these systems.

Via the Invoice Portal

Suppliers who cannot send e-invoices via PEPPOL can use the FOI´s Invoice Portal External link, opens in new window. instead of registering the invoices manually and then converting them to e-invoices. This solution is intended for smaller suppliers who send few invoices.

Via other communication solutions

FOI uses the system provider Opus Capita to receive e-invoices. It is possible that your e-invoice supplier may have more opportunities in addition to PEPPOL to send e-invoices to Opus Capita.

FOI’s billing information:

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) adress: 2021005182
Organisation registration number: 202100-5182
FOI’s funds transfer system (Bankgiro) number: : 5177-8496

An invoice to FOI must always contain an invoice reference. The invoice reference consists of an X followed by 6 digits (for example: X123456).

The invoice must also contain information on:
  • Supplier’s full name and address
  • Supplier’s organisation registration number
  • Information about Swedish corporate taxation
  • Funds transfer system number (Bankgiro/Plusgiro)
  • Supplier’s reference
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Specification of purchased goods/services
  • FOI’s Purchase Order (PO) number, if available
  • VAT (Moms) amount and percentage
  • Net and gross amounts

Any attachments and specifications must be attached to the invoice.

In the case of credit invoicing, a reference to the debit invoice shall be included.

Collective invoices may not occur.

If you, as a supplier, are exempt from the procurement laws and cannot invoice electronically, you can instead send a paper copy to:

Swedish Defence Research Agency
Box 7002
831 07 Östersund

Last updated: 2024-01-23