Civil Authorities

FOI’s expertise in total defence and the safety and security of society is also utilised by the authorities responsible for emergency preparedness and security. FOI supports these authorities through the provision of support in the exercise of authority, the production of documentation in support of strategic decision-making and the development of the authorities’ crisis management capabilities.

Rescue team in the woods

Photo: Försvarsmakten

FOI’s principal client in this area is the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Examples of assignments received from MSB include:

  • Analysis and method support during the Agency’s production of a national risk assessment
  • Technology development to enable the remote detection of explosive substances 
  • Provision of courses to increase the level of consciousness of environmental and energy question at international gatherings
  • Development and method support to improve crisis communications capabilities using the social media
  • Knowledge base development regarding the security of information and control systems

Other agencies that assign tasks to FOI include the National Food Agency, the Police, the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Examples of the tasks that FOI has carried out for these agencies include:

  • Support to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in supervising the operation of Swedish nuclear power stations 
  • The monitoring of airborne radioactivity in Sweden as a part of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s preparedness organisation for national measurements to detect any emission of radioactive substances
  • Methodology support for the National Food Agency in the production of risk and vulnerability analyses for increased food safety in the food chain


Last updated: 2020-10-14