Defence Analysis

Decision-makers need alternatives to choose between which will give freedom of action and added value both in the short term and in a longer perspective.

Two persons talking in front of a chart

FOI’s Defence Analysis Division produces proposals and develops methods, tools and different approaches for decision making.

The division researches and works in areas such as security policy, civil and military crisis management, command systems and defence economy. We develop methods for the conduct of studies in the fields of security, defence, infrastructure and the environment.

Through the activities of the Defence Analysis Division, FOI provides its customers with factual data and methods for studies and reports covering a range of areas. Our ability to bring together expertise in technical matters, natural science and social science helps to ensure that questions are considered from a range of different perspectives.

Our assignments originate primarily from within the total defence authorities where operational analysis groups participate directly in a range of studies and planning work. The division also undertakes research and analysis projects for industry and commerce as well as for other parts of the research community.

Last updated: 2020-05-11