Electromagnetic warfare

The division’s areas of focus are evaluation and simulation, optronic systems, and radio- and microwave systems, as well as signatures. Its activities include not only theoretical and experimental research, and method and technology development, but also studies and education, in the area of electronic warfare.

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The division’s primary activities are applied research, technology development and providing expert support in electronic warfare, as well as sensors and signatures, for the benefit of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The division analyses and develops methods and techniques in support of military operations that utilise the electromagnetic spectrum, in order to combat, distort, or exploit, various adversaries’ acquisition, processing or sharing of information; and to protect against unfavourable use of the electromagnetic spectrum. This also includes being able to operate in an electromagnetically disrupted environment.

The work in sensors and signatures comprises reconnaissance, monitoring, and signature measurements; as well as both signature calculations and adaptation measures; across the entire electromagnetic area, including radar, radio and electro-optics.


Last updated: 2023-01-25