23 October 2017

Strategic Outlook 7 now released

FOI has now released the seventh edition of its most downloaded report – Strategic Outlook – with its focus on Swedish national security.

Scandinavia lit up - cover of Strategic Outlook No 7

Strategic Outlook is a recurring, forward-looking collection of FOI reports, highlighting questions of great strategic importance for policy in the domains of defence, security and foreign affairs. Reflecting the current global situation, the theme for this edition is “Perspectives on national security in a new security environment.”

Strategic Outlook 7 contains 16 articles displaying the accumulated competence of almost unique depth and breadth that makes FOI a core resource on Swedish defence and security. The chapters are glimpses into FOI’s innovative research, expressing multiple and often unexpected perspectives on the security challenges facing Sweden; these include Sweden’s renewed focus on national defence and the Baltic Region, the vital importance of psychological defence for Sweden’s overall defence capability, the Internet’s emergence as a new military arena, with the nightmare that the Internet of Things creates for IT security, and how defence research is itself an essential source of Swedish national security.

Strategic Outlook includes voices from Finland and Norway, with additional expert commentary that creates a valuable context for the Swedish perspective that dominates the other chapters.

The first edition of Strategic Outlook was published in 2009. Since then, it has become one of FOI’s profile products, and by far the one most downloaded.