5 February 2021

FOI – A strong actor in successful EU consortia

Of eight applications that FOI submitted to EU in August 2020 within the framework of the H2020 Secure Societies programme, a total of four project proposals were accepted in January.

The H2020-logo

Director-General Jens Mattsson notes that FOI has once again had major success with its applications, but that this has also been achieved in collaboration with other Swedish actors, both government authorities and companies.

“I am once again impressed by the breadth and depth of expertise that FOI’s personnel represent. In EU applications we are really testing these abilities in international competition. So I am even more proud when we succeed in all of 50 per cent of our applications. I believe and hope that we will also be as successful in the coming calls from the EDF and Horizon Europe.”

The successful applications

  • INHERIT aims to disrupt and prevent the production of home-made explosives (HME) from commercially available precursors and in part facilitate their discovery through detection or forensic investigation. FOI is coordinator of the project.
  • ALIGNER will deliver a “roadmap” of key topics related to artificial intelligence (AI) for law enforcement authorities.
  • NIGHTINGALE will develop methods, technologies, and guidelines with the aim of improving medical preparedness for different types of crises, with the help of among other things drones and AI.
  • FOI researchers are also contributing to STARLIGHT. The project aims to develop, among other things, AI-based tools and methods for supporting human analysts in law enforcement authorities in analysing large data sets, such as web data, financial transactions, or image and video material.