22 June 2023

Podcast: Russia's War

In this four part pod series you will hear more from the researchers behind the report: Russia’s war against Ukraine and the West – The First Year.

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The Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI, is an independent research institute under the Ministry of Defence. We provide cutting-edge technical research and analysis in the fields of defence and security.

Russia's war - the background

Researchers Ismail Khan and Carolina Vendil Pallin discuss events in Ukraine and inside Russia in the period between 2014-2022, and how that background could influence the war going forward.

Publication date: 22 June

Russia's war - the economy and defence industry

Researchers Emil Wannheden and Tomas Malmlöf on how the war and the sanctions have affected the Russian economy in general and the defence industry in particular.

Publication date: 6 July

Russia's war - military capability

FOI researcher Johan Norberg on how one year of war has affected the Russian Armed Forces and military capability.

Publication date: 20 July

Russia's war - the neighbours

Karolina Melin, FOI, and Johan Engvall from the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, talk about how Russia's nearest neighbours have reacted to the war against Ukraine and how this has impacted Russia's role as a leader in the region.

Publication date: 3 August