Numerical simulations of penetration and perforation of high performance concrete with 75 mm steel projectile


  • Unosson Mattias

Publish date: 2001-01-29

Report number: FOA-R--00-01634-311

Pages: 67

Written in: English


In the report, simulations of penetration and perforation of three types of high performance concrete (HPC) targets are presented and compared with experimental data. The objective of the simulations was to assess the chosen concrete material model´s ability to predict depth of penetration or residual velocity. The tests were simulated numerically with the code LS-DYNA and the standard material type 72, "Concrete Damage". Lagrangian solution technique was used together with numerical erosion based on a shear strain criteria. For the perforation good agreement with test data was achieved but in the case of penetration, the results were not satisfying.