New technology as a threat and risk generator


  • Jervas Gunnar
  • Dennis Ian
  • Corroy Richard

Publish date: 2001-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0024--SE

Pages: 325

Written in: English


In the past many people looked upon new technology as a means to solve problems. However, during the last few years the pace of technological change has become so fast that more and more people have started to look upon it as a risk and threat. This has to do with the fact that technology is an increasingly important competitive factor, and therefore enters the market long before all its consequences are fully understood. As a result unintentional technological errors occur, and they are becoming more serious since systems today are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Moreover, criminal and other hostile actors try to use the growing number of weak points that are generated by this accelerating technological change. After an introduction and overview, eight chapters follow that take up the different aspects of fast technological change and the problems that it creates. At the same time, what can be done to eliminate or reduce these problems is discussed. The conclusion is that it has become considerably more difficult to prevent all the technical errors and misuses that are generated in a time characterized by faster and faster technological change. We hope that this study will contribute to the countermeasures that are increasingly needed.