Civilian and military regional management and co-operation in crisis


  • Carlbom Olle
  • Dérans Douglas
  • Larsson Per
  • Lindgren Rolf

Publish date: 2001-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0064--SE

Pages: 69

Written in: Swedish


This study discusses future alternatives for management and co-ordination at regional level in connection with community resources during a crisis. The alternatives vary in complexity and in powers of authority. The intention is that it should be possible to adapt the choice of alternative according to different threats and how they develop. One of the alternatives is an uncomplicated form of co-operation designed for a county. The next alternative involves a strengthened county administrative board that gives increased authority to co- ordinate regional resources. The same degree of authority exists where a special co-ordinating body is connected to, for instance, a Military District Command, a County Council or another regional authority. In another alternative the boundaries are determined by the nature of the crisis. We then present an alternative where the most affected central authority co-ordinates the activities. Finally we introduce an alternative where the Police has overall responsibility at all levels. This alternative contains the widest powers of authority.