Guidance of collaborating missiles - A study of modelling and simulation in FLAMES(TM)


  • Eklöf Martin
  • Pelo Johan
  • Ulriksson Jenny
  • Wallström Dag

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0322--SE

Pages: 25

Written in: Swedish


This document describes the task of modelling and simulation a military situation in the framework FLAMES(TM). The study is performed under the project "Collaborating Missiles" and its prime objective has been to study the advantage and the possibilities of a collaborating missile system in contrast to a conventional missile system but also investigate the possibility to illustrate those advantages through computer simulations. The study has been launched to investigate two major issues. The first has been to investigate how to build a specific scenario in FLAMES(TM) with models and modules of today´s standard. The second has been to identify functions and modules that are needed to build a scenario flexibly enough to illuminate the specific problems in this specific case. A suitable scenario has been chosen and is briefly described. This scenario has been modelled in FLAMES(TM) with today´s existing modules and the result is discussed. Thereafter is a description of how different functions are modelled. And finally presents a list of functions and modules that is needed to build more advance models and to make modelling easier.