Design and analysis of an all-optical free-space communication link


  • Levander Fredrik
  • Sakari Per

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0486--SE

Pages: 90

Written in: English


Free Space Optics (FSO) has received a great deal of attention lately both in the military and civilian information society due to its potentially high capacity, rapid deployment, portability and high security from deception and jamming. The main issue is that severe weather can have a detrimental impact on the performance, which may result in an inadequate availability. This report contains a feasibility study for an all-optical free-space link intended for short-range communication (200-500 m). Laboratory tests have been performed to evaluate the link design. Field tests were made to investigate availability and error performance under the influence of different weather conditions. Atmospheric impact due to turbulence related effects have been studied in detail. The most crucial part of the link design turned out to be the receiver optics and several design solutions were investigated. The main advantage of an all-optical design, compared to commercially available electro-optical FSO-systems, is the potentially lower cost.