Representation and visualisation of casualty flows in rescue operations


  • Fjordén Joel

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0496--SE

Pages: 70

Written in: English


Effective tools for evaluating course of events from rescue operations are invaluable. This thesis describes the development of such a tool that enables dynamic specifications of rescue operation scenarios. Scenarios are descriptions of rescue operations, which include the geographical area and casualty flows. The scenario system supports external import of scenario description data, as well as logged events from operations. Replay of collected data is dynamically updated in the scenario system, allowing both continuous overview of changes as well as discrete snapshots of points in time. The system is implemented as a plug-in module, extending the existing data analysis and visualisation system MIND. The scenario system is explored using data collected from a rescue operation performed in Alvesta, in 1997.