Overview of materials for optical signature management: Research done at FOI/FOA last 10 years


  • Björkert Stefan
  • Hallberg Tomas
  • Nilsson Christina
  • Forssell Göran
  • Hedborg Karlsson Eva
  • Ribbing Carl-Gustaf

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0530--SE

Pages: 18

Written in: Swedish


This report summarises research results in the field of materials for low observables in the optical region, conducted during the last ca 10 years. The research activities have mainly been focused on technical possibilities and limitations of signature management of weapon platforms in the optical spectral region and to impart knowledge within the research field through participation in a number of study groups. The activities covers the areas: pigment and binders for low emissive paint in the IR-region (with pigment of different metals, reststrahlen materials, photon band gaps materials, multi layered structures and chromogen materials), adhesion and optical properties of low emissive coatings, polarisation effects of different surfaces and material selection for engineering design. A reference list lists all open reports produced by the project together with a bibliography of other reports not referenced in the text.