Wind sounding with laser radar - a pre-study


  • Letalick Dietmar

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0588--SE

Pages: 59

Written in: Swedish


Platform based wind sensors measures the wind close to the platform where the wind field often is disturbed by the platform and surroundings. There is often a need of remote sensing of the wind, away from the wind sensor and in an undisturbed wind field. Modem platforms should also have a low signature, which demands that the wind sensor does not significantly add to the platform signature. With a laser radar for wind sounding these requirements can be fulfilled. With dynamic analysis of the atmosphere in real time, the ability to act with precision weapons is increased, as detailed and updated data about the weather situation, especially the wind, is made available. The aim of the present study is to collect information about the possibilities and limitations of this technology, the costs, the risks and feasibility in possible applications. The study should form a basis for a dialogue with various interested parties and provide competence in the field to FMV. In this report the technology for wind sounding with laser radar is described. We also outline three classes of wind sounding laser radar systems for different applications and with various performance. Only a few commercial suppliers are available on the market today, hence we suggest that a national test-bed system is implemented for use in evaluation of the technology. The outline of such a project is given.