Adaptiv radionod - ett systemförslag


  • Johansson Peter
  • Pääjärvi Lars
  • Rantakokko Jouni

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0714--SE

Pages: 26

Written in: Swedish


In the new Defence there is a need for radio systems that can adapt their ability to the current tasks and the present environment. During the last years the technical development has made this possible. An adaptive radio node is a highly variable component of a radio network. The variability is obtained by allowing the node to change the use of its functional blocks together with adjustment of parameters in the blocks, all in order to adapt to the changing signal environment of the radio channel. The radio node also adapts to the changing requirements from the user regarding capacity, robustness, delay, stealth properties, etc. This report presents a generic system proposal containing a combination of flexible techniques. The choice of technical methods has been made to support great variations of the parameters. The system proposal is not intended to be a basis for implementation of a radio node. Instead the purpose of the system proposal is to lay a ground for further assessment and analysis. The assessment/analysis includes estimates of possible performance gains in a future tactical radio system, with special emphasis on adaptation. The report also comprises assumptions regarding the structure of the network, including protocols, and a discussion on the concept adaptation.

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