Biotechnology - an expansive research field with applications of high relevance for civilian and military defence


  • Bucht Anders
  • Bucht Göran
  • Forsman Mats
  • Holmström anna
  • Gustafson Inga
  • Göransson Nyberg Ann
  • Kihlberg Britt-Marie
  • Kjellström Thomas
  • Lindblad Anders
  • Lundberg Susanne
  • Norlander Lena
  • Tjärnhage Torbjörn
  • Wikström Per
  • Carlsson Leif
  • Kumlin Urban
  • Lindblad Peter
  • Piehl Fredrik
  • Schmidtchen Artur
  • Sjöstedt Anders
  • Sondén Anders
  • Wendin Göran

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0842--SE

Pages: 138

Written in: Swedish


The report present an outline of the development in biotechnology and its applications in the course of 15 years and with focus on both civilian and military defence. A general trend in the research areas with connections to the biotechnological field is the development of more refined techniques and synergy effects between the various fields. Analytical instruments are miniaturized and integrated to small units and this development implies many new concepts, for example clinical diagnostics and distribution of drugs. The biotechnology has influenced the development of drugs and the means of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases. This will be further improved as a result of the ongoing mapping of genomes of humans and microorganisms. Biomaterials are other applications of the biotechnology, for example artificial blood and skin and new types of decontamination material. In the future new types of multifunctional textile fibers will be produced and biomaterials may be used in electronic devices. In addition, functional food, i.e. food with high nutritional value and oral vaccines, are easily obtained. The biotechnology also has impact on areas such as biodegradation and development of alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen producing bacteria.