Gun propellant formulations with FOX-7 and formulations of ETC adapted propellants


  • Bemm Elisabeth
  • Menning Dennis
  • Wanhatalo Marita

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0945--SE

Pages: 22

Written in: Swedish


Experiments have been performed with the aim to prepare gun propellants based on 1,1-diamino-2,2-dinitroetylen (FOX-7) and propellants adapted for ETC. HMX/GAP propellants doped with 5% KNO3 have been tested in ETC experiments. The results from these experiments idicate that the conductivity of the flame is too low. With the objective to increase the flame conductivity of the HMX/GAP propellants, the possibilities of exchanging KNO3 for the potassium salt of FOX-7 (KFOX-7) as a dopant has been examined. KFOX-7 has been prepared, characterized and performance calculations has been performed on possible propellants formulations. FOX-7 is an explosive with low sensitivity and has therefore been considered as an ingredient in LOVA propellants. Thermochemical calculations has been performed on a number of possible propellant formulations. Some propellant formulations has also been prepared with FOX-7, polyGlyn, GAP and HMX as major ingredients. HMX (14 %) has been added to increase the performance of the formulation.