Geographical mapping and visualization of soldiers´ heart-rate


  • Kindström Mattias

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0978--SE

Pages: 40

Written in: English


Within the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defense Research Agency there has been an increasing emphasis put on modeling and simulation. However, a majority of the projects do not include any simulation of human behavior. The aim for this report is to produce an application presenting a concept of how to visualize a soldier´s status and relate it to a position in the terrain. The status of the soldier was simulated using heart-rate. The implemented application displays soldiers´ geographical position using an animation on a 2D map, and a visualization of the soldiers´ status achieved from their respective heart-rate. It also includes a 3D view of the soldiers advancing through the terrain. Two separate sound tracks, simulated heart-beats and ambient sounds, were also implemented. The application is based only on one dataset but displays several different techniques that can be used to visualize a soldier´s status. Different dataset could be connected to the different visualizations to create a more informative application.

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