Game based simulation: Using commercial game software in a ranger command and control exercise


  • Wikberg Per
  • Hasewinkel Håkan
  • Lindoff Jenny
  • Eriksson Lars
  • Stjernberger Johan
  • Persson Anders

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0989--SE

Pages: 45

Written in: Swedish


A command and control exercise was conducted at Norrlands Dragon Regiment with the purpose to evaluate the possibility to use commercial game software in an exercise where command and control are evaluated. The tactical environment of the test was a ranger battalion 04. Hypothesises about the effect of access to real time information on the command and control methods where tested. The test was organised as a command and control exercise were the battalion staff controlled three separate ranger units using the ordinary command and control system. The ranger units completed their missions in virtual environments using commercial software in three local networks. From one of the units the battalion staff had access to real lime information from an UAV and from the helmet mounted camera of the ranger unit commander. From the other two units there was no real time information available. The results indicate that access to real lime information at higher levels of command doesn´t necessarily lead to a change in command method from auftrags tactics to commando tactics. However, it seems that the battalion staff prioritized the unit with real time information on the behalf of the other units. The results points out those systems to administer real time information are a vital component to develop for the command and control of future ranger units. The possibilities to develop methods to use commercial game software for exercises, tests and tactical applications are judged to be great.