Gated viewing - deepened study


  • Steinvall Ove
  • Klasén Lena
  • Chevalier Tomas
  • Andersson Pierre
  • Larsson Håkan
  • Elmqvist Magnus
  • Henriksson Markus

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0991--SE

Pages: 121

Written in: Swedish


This project aims to give an in-depth knowledge on the possibilities, tactical performance and limitations to evaluate the potential and usability for a future gated viewing system. In this project, long range imaging out to 14 km, and occluded target at short range are addressed. These have been the main tactical situations that are used to show the potential for operator assisted target identification by gated viewing. The experimental system have been upgraded for the purpose and used during field campaigns that have been conducted at both short and long ranges. The work also includes methods for illuminating the target and signal- and image processing to support an operator in the identification task. A simulation model is developed within this work to evaluate the performance of future systems operating at both 532 nm and an eyesafe wavelength 1.5 µm. The work also includes target- and background characterisation at 1.5 µm. A discussion on system aspects and system applications, besides operator assisted target recognition, ends this report. This discussion includes the most important system parameters.