Informationspresentation under belastning - Slutrapport E7053


  • Eriksson Lars (Ed.)

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1095--SE

Pages: 33

Written in: Swedish


The project activities were performed between 2001-01-01 and 2003-12-31. The purpose was to study and develop methods and techniques intended for man-system-interaction (MSI) to enhance operator interaction with system/systems interfaces. Of central importance was the operator´s visual perception, as well as evaluation and adjustment of the presented information as determined by the operator´s situation-dependent abilities. The project activities had a primarily knowledge building basis with focus on future operator supports implementation. Research implementation foremost involved already employed techniques. Research issues within primarily six areas of activities were addressed, with the most part focusing on the pilot and pilot environment. The six areas of activities were (1) Colour vision during G-load, (2) Artificial horizon and visual flow, (3) Perspective presentation, (4) MSI-evaluation with registration of eye-point of gaze and eye movements, (5) Visualization for presentation in simulators and at command sites, and (6) MSI-evaluation methodology. The report briefly presents research issues and purposes, provides an overview of methods, results and conclusions, and discusses summarizing recommendations and guidelines. The overall production of the project is reported.