Lead - presence and environmental effects as a consequence of military and other weapon-related activities


  • Qvarfort Ulf
  • Waleij Annica

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1178--SE

Pages: 32

Written in: Swedish


Lead is a heavy metal mainly originating from the galena mineral. Mining, smelting, deposits of plumbiferous waste as well as batteries are the msot significant contributions of lead to the environment. There are yet other sources namely the handling and usage of lead within the Swedish Armed Forces and civilian shooting, not forgetting the lead previously added to petrol. The aim of the present report has been that of brining together - and covering - different aspects of the results from various studies on shooting with respect to corrosion, solvability and the subsequent transport of lead to the environment. The reason for the present report lies in the Swedish Government having made amendments to the legislation, with the intention to decrease the flow of lead to the environment. The report can form the basis of environmental issues assessments regarding both