Värdering av AASR - Slutrapport


  • Grahn Per
  • Herberthson Magnus
  • Haapalahti Gustav
  • Alm Anders
  • Kärvell Ola

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1265--SE

Pages: 38

Written in: Swedish


AASR is a radar concept which can be used in many situations, it is not a clearly defined system. Examples in other fields of application than air defence of own territories can be different types of international efforts and as a support to police operations against law breaking activities in the air. AASR is a low frequency multi static radar system where the basic idea is that the function of a system can be achieved by cooperation of a large number of network related simple stations. One and each of these stations are measuring targets incompletely by measuring range, speed of range and corresponding bistatic measurements with other stations nearby. It is our judgement that it is too early for the military authorities to decide about procurement of a AASR system or not. However, AASR has many interesting qualities to the national defence, which motivates an ongoing activity building experimental equipment, doing experiments and intensify and complete the position of knowledge within a number of areas. The goal should be to have a proper rationale for a procurement decision within 4 to 5 years. The most significant characteristics is high probability of detection, even against stealth targets, combined with high accuracy and relatively high update rate within areas of high probability of detection. The AASR system is robust in the sense that separate stations in the interior of the radar network could be eliminated with small effects on the performance of the system.

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