To be or not to be - The integration and the non-integration of the French defence industry


  • Lundmark Martin

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1291--SE

Pages: 115

Written in: English


The dynamics of the French defence industry and its developments since 1995 are analysed based on the variables, integration, power,autonomy and cooperation. France is in Europe the nation that rhetorically most clearly underlines its national interests for defence autonomy but also the most active in cooperation. Corporate integration (national an European) has been orchestrated by the state. Considerable European cooperation has led to gradually increased equity integration over joint ventures to autonomous, trans-national companies. Transatlantic cooperation and integration is avoided by the French government. France is pursuing strong national autonomy in some areas as well as a shared. European autonomy in other areas. The government powers have decreased but are still considerable. The report also contains detailed appendices over company strategy,company structure and tables covering defence industry integration and cooperation.

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