Quarterly report on measurements of radionuclides in ground level air in Sweden. Second quarter 2004


  • Söderström Catharina
  • Arntsing Rune
  • Jansson Peter
  • Lindh Karin

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1300--SE

Pages: 8

Written in: English


Filtering of ground level air is performed weekly at six different locations in Sweden: Kiruna, Umeå, Gävle, Ursvik, Visby and Ljungbyhed. The filters are pressed and the contents of different radionuclides are measured by gamma spectroscopy. Precipitation is also collected at four of the stations: Kiruna, Gävle, Ursvik and Ljungbyhed, the samples are ashed and the contents of radionuclides are measured. The levels of Be-7 and Cs-137 in air and precipitation are presented for the different stations. Other anthropogenic radionuclides detected, if any are also presented.