Simulation frameworks and logistics simulation - a surveillance study


  • Pelo Johan
  • Ohlsson Kjell
  • Pers Lisbeth

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1318--SE

Pages: 53

Written in: Swedish


This report, which constitute a compound delivery for the FMV orders "Framework solutions for monolithic simulations" and "Feasibility study R&T area 19 - Logistics" aims to illustrate some of the more comprehensive characteristics of the simulation tools ASTOR, SIMLOX and FLAMES. The possibilities of incorporating logistic functionality into models designed for constructive simulations has also been investigated, by an experimental implementation extending an existing simulation model used for operational analysis based on FLAMES. In the report we presents a survey of existing tools and concepts of current interest is, with focus on their application areas. Further a picture of new tasks that future tools for logistic simulation might be facing, together with a valuation of tool characteristics and their suitability for new areas of interest. Results presented treats amongst others, possibilities for interaction between tools for logistic simulations and simulation frameworks as FLAMES, not least for studying the effect of logistics on operational capacity and vice versa.