Nuclear weapons in the world 2004


  • Andersson Per
  • Axelsson Anders
  • Goliath Martin
  • Oliver Lena
  • Peterson Jenny
  • Strömberg Lars Göran
  • Waldenvik Mattias
  • Wilhelmsen Katarina
  • Wirstam Jens

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1357--SE

Pages: 78

Written in: Swedish


The report is a compilation of short reviews of the situation as of mid 2004 concerning nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons proliferation and associated risks in countries which are of interest in this respect. The work focuses on technical issues in a broad sense and is a result of on-going continuous monitoring of technical conditions and developments in the field of nuclear weapons. The countries examined, besides the seven states which openly possess nuclear weapons, are Israel, North Korea, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Syria.