The 35th Nordic seminar on detection seismology


  • Norrbrand Eva (ed.)

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1381--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: English


This report includes program, list of participants and abstracts for the oral presentations and posters held at the 35th Nordic Seminar on Detection Seismology in Åkersberga, Sweden September 29 - October 1, 2004. The seminar was organized in cooperation with Uppsala University and funded partly by the project NDC-seismoacoustics. These seminars have a long tradition and they are organized on a circular schedule among the Nordic countries. The main purpose has been to stimulate Nordic cooperation in the field of seismology originally focused on verification related to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). Today also other topics in general seismology are included in the program. The discussions during the seminar underlined the importance of cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Baltic states in order to improve the monitoring of the Baltic Sea area. The benefit of sharing both parametric and wave form data was pointed out by several participants. On the second day of the seminar a boat trip in the Stockholm archipelago was included in the program and this was much appreciated by the participants. This seminar was attended by 33 participants including one person from Lithuania and one person from the Netherlands. The next seminar in 2005 will be held in Denmark. Greenland was also mentioned as a possible location for the meeting.

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