Annual report for the project Land Mine System: Detection and neutralisation


  • Sarholm Lena
  • Kjellström Ann
  • Wanhatalo Marita
  • Menning Dennis
  • Holmgren Erik

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1432--SE

Pages: 40

Written in: Swedish


This annual report gives a short description of the international development of land mine systems and sub munitions. Migration studies from mines containing TNT and related compounds from FOI test field are presented. Studies of migration and degradation of other explosives like RDX, HMX, Tetryl and PETN have started and development of methods for analysing the expected low concentration levels in soil is ongoing. Separation and detection of six TNT isomers and related compounds from manufactory processes have been performed with LC-MS-UV system. Results from studies with Bacterial biosensors are given and results from degradation of energetic materials and polymers are also given.