Computer Generated Forces and human behavior models at FOI 2004


  • Nilsson Sten-Åke
  • Allberg Henrik
  • Lundin Mikael
  • Wallin Niklas
  • Castor Martin

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1489--SE

Pages: 64

Written in: Swedish


The Swedish Armed Forces has sponsored a study of CGF development since 2001, conducted at FOI. The main purpose of the project is to contruct a framework to support CGF development and to maintain a component based library of HBR models to be used in existing and future simulations. The main effort 2004 within the project has been continued development of library structures, development of library structures, development of methods and techniques how to measure and deal with human behavior schemes, exploration of which claims one should do about collecting human factors metrics such as psychophysiological, mental, strengths and stressors. The project is a member of a recently started international working group on Human Behavior Representation in Constructive Simulations. The project also presented an interesting paper at the 2004 years conference. BRIMS in the USA.