Description of the BM discipline (LedsystT): From business to technology


  • Ölvingson Kia

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1523--SE

Pages: 22

Written in: English


This document is a description of the LedsystT business modeling (BM) discipline and the BM process. The BM process is developed to support identification of the business-related requirements, which means identification of requirements on a business level and to prepare the data for the technical design. The scope of BM ranges from the management of the input from LedsystM to the technical use case model developed in collaboration with Analysis and Design (A&D). Moreover, the complexity of the C2-system indicates a great need for collaboration. The BM has two main collaborative partners; LedsystM and A&D. Other groups with interest in the work of BM are Situation Picture (SP), Human-Factors Engineering (HFE), Requirements Derivation (RD) and Development Method (DM). The BM discipline constitutes a bridge between the business and the technique and is the first step in the work with technical design. Hence, it provides the other groups with a chance to influence the input to all of the technical work. However, an understanding of the way of work is critical if this interaction is to be fruitful. Important to note is that this document should be used as input for a more formalized process description, i.e. description of the BM discipline adaptation within the RUP artifact Development Case.