Participation in the 14th Official OPCW Proficiency Test


  • Nygren Yvonne
  • Åstot Crister
  • Fredriksson Sten-Åke
  • Hammarström Lars-Gunnar
  • Nilsson Calle

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1555--SE

Pages: 60

Written in: English


The 14th Official OPCW Proficiency Test was performed during October 2004. In this test, the designated laboratory at FOI assisted the OPCW as evaluators of the test results reported by 20 participating laboratories. Prior to the evaluation, three samples were received from the sample preparing laboratory; a decontamination solution, an organic liquid and a water sample, all with their corresponding blanks. They were analyzed in accordance with our "Recommended Operating Procedures" and seven spiking chemicals were identified by GC-(EI)-MS and GC-(CI)-MS. The test included a water sample not spiked with any scheduled chemical, a new feature in the Proficiency Testing Programme. However, the main difficulty in this test was a severe mineral oil contamination of the organic sample, and hydrocarbons from the oil co-eluting with the listed chemicals resulting in interferences with their detection. This made it necessary to add a complementary clean-up step to the recommended procedure in order to acquire clean MS-spectra of the scheduled chemicals. This report presents a compiled view of our own results and the results of the participating laboratories. We also present revisions of the reporting procedures at the FOI laboratory based on the experience of the evaluation.

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