FOI Miljöredovisning 2004


  • Ahlberg Mats
  • Johansson Jan
  • Jubrink Hans
  • Lundholm B-M
  • Nedgård Ingvar
  • Nilsson Sören
  • Thorpsten Jerker
  • Thuren Ronny
  • Tryman Rolf

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1560--SE

Pages: 27

Written in: Swedish


During 2004 the integration of the environmental management system with the total management system for FOI has been completed. The division for NBC-protection in Umeå has got permission according to the environmental law for extended operations and the division for Weapons and Protection are presently performing an environmental impact assessment to get a permit. The remediation of areas in Grindsjön, Bromma and Ursvik is estimated to cost SEK 4 M. FOI has carried through 25 environmental research projects for the defence sector during the year with a total income of SEK 15,5 M. The total amount of the environmental research carried out for the civil sector was SEK 15,5 M. Of the environmental goals at FOI are 15 listed as connected to important environmental aspects. Eleven of these 15 goals have been totally fulfilled, one more than half, one half and two less than half. The use of video meetings has increased from 743 hours 2002 and 771 hours 2003 to 862 hours 2004. The environmental managers at FOI have passed an education for environmental auditors. Environmental courses for all personnel have been given at two occasions in Bromma and a total of 1 054 persons have now attended the courses. All together this means that 80 % of the employees at FOI now have attended common environmental education.

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