Strategic Management in the Armed Forces - interaction with the political level and the defence authorities


  • Nordlund Peter
  • Waltré Mats

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1582--SE

Pages: 55

Written in: Swedish


Within the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters a development towards a process-oriented organization is presently being pursued. One strategic and comprehensive process is the Supreme Commander´s management process (SC Management Process). The objective of this study is to give an over-view of problems and development tendencies at the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and other defence authorities that might be of relevance to the SC Management Process. The report is based on numerous interviews with leading representatives from ministries and defence authorities. In the analysis special attention has been given to patterns or differences on views as expressed in the interviews. Finally, some recommendations on how the SC Management Process should relate to strategic processes and agendas at ministries and other defence authorities are presented.