Intrusion detection system and respons for mobile ad hoc networks


  • Nordqvist Dan
  • Westerdahl Lars
  • Hansson Anders

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1683--SE

Pages: 34

Written in: English


The research area of mobile ad hoc intrusion detection systems (IDS) is still under development. Existing IDS´es are mainly for wired or wireless networks. In a previous report it was concluded that existing products for wireless IDS´es are not suitable for tactical mobile ad hoc networks. The IDS architecture of the tested tools neither has support for the autonomous and self-organized property nor the ability needed for detecting relevant attacks. In this report an architecture for a mobile ad hoc network IDS is presented. The IDS is based on requirements from a general perspective, some special requirements for the ad hoc environment and finally military requirements. The result is a network IDS located on each node within the network.