DCMF - Defence Conceptual Modelling Framework


  • Mojtahed Vahid
  • Garcia Lozano Marianela
  • Svan Pernilla
  • Andersson Birger
  • Kabilan Vandana

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1754--SE

Pages: 146

Written in: English


The Defence Conceptual Modelling Framework has its origin in the CMMS concept presented by the US DMSO. DCMF is a framework for making conceptual descriptions and models of military operations. It consists of tools for their development and reusability, as well as standards for acquisition, representation, modelling, integration, management and preservation of knowledge. After a prestudy of the American concept, the Swedish FOI project suggested a long-term plan in order to successfully implement the DCMF concept within the Swedish Armed Forces. The DCMF project officially began 2003. This year we have tried to create our first conceptual model according to the DCMF. A DCMF process has been built, analysed and refined, and as a consequence, necessary tools and methodologies have been identified. The need of a (activity centric) tool for modelling the acquired knowledge, resulted in a new concept called, KM3 - Knowledge Meta Meta Model. Another important component of the framework is the Ontologies. An ontology suite and methodology have been developed for the DCMF purposes. All of this is discussed in the report.