Security in wireless sensor networks with focus on energy


  • Farman Linda
  • Sterner Ulf
  • Westerdahl Lars
  • Zeijlon Per

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1912--SE

Pages: 52

Written in: Swedish


An important challenge for wireless sensor networks are the nodes limited energyand calculation resources. Further, another important challenge for security is the distributed routing. When designing the security for the sensor network it is therefore important to consider these aspects and that someone may use them to destroy the functions in the sensor network. Authentication, i.e. a well known security solution, or handle the security at the routing layer with multiple routes (multipath) are the two methods that are studied to improve the security in the sensor network. Further, the energy consumption for respectively method is also considered. The studied routing attack is called a black hole. One evaluation parameter is for example the effect on the datafusion in the network when a black hole is introduced. The results show that authentication is an effective protection against a black hole, but gives an increased energy consumption. To use multipath on the other hand is not effective.