Biodosimetry inter-comparison : FOI and DRCD, Ottawa


  • Stricklin Daniela
  • Wilkinson Diana
  • Arvidsson Eva
  • Prud´homme Louise
  • Thorleifson Erika
  • Mullins Dana
  • Lachapelle Sylvie

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1929--SE

Pages: 12

Written in: English


  • inter-comparison
  • biodosimetry
  • dicentric assay


Biodosimetry is used to assess radiation exposure in cases where an over-exposure is suspected and physical dosimetry is absent or in need of validation. Reliable estimate of dose is critical for making life-saving medical decisions, assessing the long-term health consequences, and for reassuring persons with non-significant exposures. The dicentric assay, the current gold standard in biological dosimetry, requires some degree of technical capability and recently published ISO guidelines indicate the need for documenting competence and establishment of quality control programs. Inter-laboratory comparisons are required to document the ability to perform reproducible and accurate assessments. FOI and DRDC, Ottawa, have conducted a concise inter-comparison for quality assurance purposes. The exercise involved exchange of previously prepared slides from each laboratory from samples that had been evaluated for each lab´s dose response curve. Approximately 100 cells from each slide were evaluated and aberration frequencies reported and compared to the expected frequencies. The results indicated good agreement in analyses for all samples. Comparison of aberration frequencies, rather than dose estimated, further illustrates highly consistent scoring criteria between the two laboratories. The exercise conducted by FOI and DRDC, Ottawa, provided an efficient means of documenting expertise. Such cooperation further establishes the international biodosimetry network and ensures our readiness for emergency response.

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