The reality behind international missions - an explorative description for increased domain knowledge


  • Johansson Katarina
  • Kylesten Birgitta

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1953--SE

Pages: 39

Written in: Swedish


This report provides a part of a process communicating the results from a descriptive study which takes a functional view on working conditions and tasks during international missions. Twelve officers participated in the study through the use of interviews and surveys. The method developed for the study has been described in an earlier report (Johansson & Kylesten, 2005). The result is communicated using descriptions of - among other things - extraordinary events, everyday work, information networks and difficulties. The report should be used as a tool and aid for a variety of purposes, such as technology research projects, in order to provide an increased domain-knowledge and an opportunity to apply this knowledge. Furthermore, suggestions for complementary research are presented, which offer ways to extend the descriptions and information networks, which may contribute to the improvements of the work-situation and decision support systems used by officers.