BatchMan 1.7 Reference Manual


  • Verona Mattias

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1991--SE

Pages: 45

Written in: English


The Batch Manager, in the report shortly described as BatchMan, is an application designed to execute multiple simulations with an ACSLr model. BatchMan was created to run batch simulations from the simulation models created by the department Electronic Warfare Assessments at FOI, including simulation models of surface to air missiles, air to air missiles, antiship missiles and air to surface missiles, implemented as software or HWIL simulation models. BatchMan can also be used to create an ACSL command file. ACSL itself does not have to be installed on the computer. The only files necessary beside the BatchMan files are the model prx and prj files along with any additional files the model might need to run, e.g. flight path files. Major new features since the last report include: o Increased integration with AFE and LKZ. o Ability to sort and modify output data. o Enhanced user friendliness. o Enhanced safety and backup possibilities. o Several batch run simulations can be started and run from one BatchMan configuration. o Simulations can be run distributed over a network or several processes. o Storage of data is possible in a MySQL database. This report describes the functionality of the application BatchMan and how it is installed.

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