Möjliga prestandaförbättringar med nya rökfria krut i korträckviddiga PV-robotar


  • Eiderfors Bengt
  • Olsson Stefan

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2050--SE

Pages: 12

Written in: Swedish


FOI does an on going development of a smokeless ADN-propellant with high impulse and combustion rate. A comparison between today´s smokeless propellants and ADN have bean conducted, by studying a special application. The choice fell on a BILL similar short range ATrobot. This report describes an initial study which concerns performance enhancements a short range anti-armour guided missile can expect to reach if the existing propellant gets replaced by an ADN/GAP propellant. The range can be increased with 14% and the flight time reduced with 9 % or the payload can be increased with 23% with the same flight performance as the existing missile. To utilize the gains from the calculated performance improvement by introducing a new propellant in an existing system could be very work intensive. The calculations in the present case can also give an estimate of what an ADN/GAP-propellant can mean for a new AT-missile system.

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