Slutrapport - utskjutningsteknik och ballistik


  • Bemm Elisabeth
  • Andreasson Sten
  • Akyuz Mose
  • Hurtig Tomas
  • Pettersson Åke

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2130--SE

Pages: 40

Written in: Swedish


Results from the research performed within the project Launching and Ballistics during 2004 2006 are presented in this report. The research has mainly been aimed at ETC-studies concerning burning stimulation by the CF-concept and electrothermal initiation (ETI). Some final experiments concerning the CF-concept have been performed in parallel with preparations for ETI-experiments. A plasma generator has been constructed in order to study the impact of different parameters on the initiation process and thereby being able to optimize the technique. A computer model of the plasma generator and the initiation process have been formulated to give suitable input parameters for the ETI-experiments. An interior ballistics module coupled to the code Grale2d developed at FOI has been made to be used for optimisation of gun systems and its ammunition. Some research has also been performed concerning development of LOVA-propellants based on the energetic material FOX-7 as well as development of VHBR-propellants (Very High Burning Rate) to be used in e. g. progressively burning propellants or travelling charges.