Slutrapport för projektet Verifiering av vågutbredningsmodeller


  • Gustafsson Ove
  • Eriksson Gunnar
  • Holm Peter
  • Persson Rolf
  • Thaning Lennart
  • Schoenberg Pontus von
  • Waern Åsa

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2149--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: Swedish


The project ´Verifiering av vågutbredningsmodeller´, financed by the Swedish Armed Forces, has been carried through during 2004-2006. The work has been using meteorological radar, radio and electro optical sensors, models and methods. The project has participate within an international cooperation through the EDA project "Duct mapping improvement based on atmospheric data fusion for naval purpose". The project has aimed too initiate a verification of propagation models for radio/radar and optical waves through comparison with measurements of wave propagation over sea, coastal and small islands. The project studied models and methods of prediction of ducts and its influence on the wave propagation within the domain of radio/radar, especially the LBM model. The conclusion is that numerical weather forecast models do not replace methods using in situ measurements (as for instance LBM) in the foreseeable future. Therefore there are reasons, out of experiences from ´Duct mapping.´, to improve parts of the LBM system. Alternative methods to determine the modified refraction and through that judge the presence of ducts, by retrieving the parameters from measured radar or radio signals, has been studied. Such method will be implemented on test radar within the international cooperation, however Sweden will not participate. An optical method to measure refraction index using Lidar has been suggested and tested. The analysed results of the lidar measurements of the refraction index show good agreement with calculated values, especially for small angles and short distances (few km).

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