Reference report on the use of environmental life cycle methodologies in procurement in the Swedish defence


  • Hochschhorner Elisabeth
  • Hägvall Joakim
  • Roth Liselott
  • Tryman Rolf
  • Finnveden Göran

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2185--SE

Pages: 89

Written in: English


This report is a compilation of several years of work in the field of life cycle thinking. It should be used as a reference report and help users to choose how to use life cycle thinking and different methods such as life cycle assessment and simplified life cycle assessment in the procurement of military materiel. The report is compiling information on how procurement can use a life cycle approach. We describes methods which exist and how they can be used when procuring military materiels. We describe which result you get from a life cycle assessment. And how to modify simplified methods for life cycle assessment to function in the procurement of military materials. The report id built like a reference report with distinct chapters in order to help the reader finding information.

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